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This is a community for real recipes for real people. Some of the recipes you might find on the back of a box; many you aren't. We take questions, too!

So, what's on your table? :)

Rules and Guidelines
  • Please refrain from language you wouldn't want your grandmother to overhear.
  • Be polite, give others a fair shake. Realize that a moderator's never kidding when he or she asks you to knock it off.
  • Also, please use tags so others can find your recipe! Include: main ingredients, type of dish (main course, appetizer, etc.), and region of origin, if applicable (American, Chinese, Creole, etc.) You'll find a sampling of existing tags on the main page.
  • If you have a cooking tip (rather than a complete recipe), tag it with "notes".
  • Tag any questions or requests for help with "question" so that others can answer them!